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TLA Athena - Tube Preamplifier

12 000,00




Stereo line preamplifier

Frequency response 20Hz ~ 90Hz (+0dB)

Gain 20.8 dB

Input/impedance RCA 3pairs / 100kΩ XLR 1pair / 100kΩ

Output/ impedance RCA 1 pair/50 Ohm XLR 1 pair/50 Ohm

Vacuum Tubes 6H30 x2, EZ81 x2

Power consumption 52W

Dimensions 480mm(W) 185mm(H) 460mm(D)

Weight ...


Top of the line components (we choose components at every spot, after many hours of trials) silver wiring for signal and high voltage copper 7n wire for transformers Teflon board Point to point Handwiring (no PCB) Dual mono Special M6 transformers(2) and chokes(4)