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Review : Acoustical Systems Archon

Acoustical Systems Archon reviewed by Roy Gregory on "The Audio Beat" : 

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Acoustical systems Archon


When it comes to musical genres, the Archon does it all. It’s kind to recordings and cuts right to the heart of the performance. Its natural tonality, unforced presentation and sense of inner balance made for a musically versatile and convincing performer. If you are looking for a cartridge upgrade but you’re not yet ready to open your wallet and say "Help yourself," the Archon should be right at the top of your shopping list. In that strange area of the market that sits above starter ‘coils but below the true exotics, the Archon sets a solid marker against which others can be judged. If you want bigger and bolder with greater drive and energy (particularly at the bottom end), then the Kuzma cartridges set the standard, but for a more balanced and less obviously demonstrative delivery, insight rather than impact, the Archon is hard to beat.